North Carolina

By Danny L.
Grade 10, North Carolina
Country of Origin: Vietnam

On the day that my mother finally had enough of Vietnam, she took action. She had planned this excursion a while ago but she never found the correct time to execute it. When the Vietnam was happening my mom was five years old, and her family heard that the communitsts won the battle. She disliked our country Vietnam, or rather, she hated the government. One day she had heard of a plan to escape from the country. She knew it was risky but she wanted to take the chance. She escaped by sneaking out at midnight to catch a boat, that was going to Hong Kong. She was extremely horrified of failing or even losing her life. My mom had met my father when he visited Vietnam to see his family. They planned to marry when she got to America. So when she reached to Hong Kong, she was placed in a fugitive camp. After a length of time the papers were done, and my mom could finally go to America. Once she got there my parents immediately got married because she was only allowed to crossover by marriage. The reason she risked everything she had was because of the freedom in America. That freedom helped her get through all the pains and when she finally got here she was released from her stress. Does she still miss her family back in Vietnam? Yes, but we visit once in a while when we can afford the trip. And does she like it better here than Vietnam?

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