North Carolina

By Mustafa G.
Grade 10, North Carolina

In 1978 my father was living in Tanzania, which is in Eastern Africa. He was in the army and was fighting for the war. It occurred on the border between Tanzania and Uganda. During this time, he saw how Tanzania was changed by war.
The war changed my father's life because he had to fight in it. The war was about territory. Uganda thought that Tanzania had some of their territory and they were willing to fight for it. Tanzania had to up it's forces and in a few weeks the Tanzanian army went from about 40,000 troops to 100,000 troops.
When Tanzania got hold of a Russian rocket launcher, they fired on important targets which caused Uganda to retreat. Uganda countered with tanks, heavy artillery, and help from Libyan and Palestinian troops.
Finally, Tanzania got an edge and beat Uganda. They drove the dictator of Uganda, Idi Amin, out of power and took over. They had to stay in Uganda for a while to keep the peace. They stayed until the civilians regained power of the country.

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