North Carolina

By Praise W.
Grade 10, North Carolina
Country of Origin: Taiwan

When my parents decided to come to America for my dad's schooling, they had to go through a lot of papers and processes before they can come. They were asked a lot of questions too. Why did they want to come to the US? For how long were they staying?
As my mom told me, a visa is something that is needed. The visa has a timeline and can be used for visiting scholars or vacations. A visiting scholar usually has up to half of a year to a year. A scholar, like my dad, has to find a school to apply to that has the program for international students.Once they graduate, they can go out into the business world and find work. If they find work, then they have to get another kind of visa, a work visa. In order to get a work visa, my dad and the company he worked for has to have a little talk with the immigration place. At the immigration place, they had to look into my dad's background information and check the company make sure it is a real company.
After all that process of getting a work visa, my parents get a to be a Perment Resident which means they will have to be in the US for at least half a year. And they have just started their 5 years, so they are on their way to become a citizen.

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