North Carolina

By Paul T.
Grade 10, North Carolina

My Grandfather, Stanley L. Bryk was born in Cleveland, Ohio on November 8th, 1930. From birth, he was tossed into the turmoil of the Grat Depression. His family was effected by the economic decline. He was enlisted in the Airforce straight out of high school and flew C-133 cargo planes in the Vietnam and Korean wars. He got a taste of war, along with samples of cultures from all over the world. He tells a story very frequently about when he was doing his fighter/bomber training in Arizona. He said he was going out on a misty Sunday morning ammunition drill. He was flying in the air preparing to light up the firing area when he saw some objects moving across the land. He immediately got a call from command to hold all fire and return to base. When he reached the ground, he was told the objects he had seen were Native Americans. They had almost been a part of a tragic massacre.

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