North Carolina

By Alex D.
Grade 10, North Carolina

John F. Kennedy's life ended tragically on November 22nd, 1963. My grandmother, who was 13 on the day, recalled that before that, everyone was open and friendly. Neighbors would have their doors open, having lemonade out on the porch, an ideal American life.
My grandmother was a freshman in a Catholic high school, during 7th period Art when an announcement came and said that the President had been shot.The announcement continued, asking them to pray for him. At first, everyone was confused and scared. 'How could the President have been shot?' was the question most of the students thought, as they prayed for Kennedy. A few minutes later, the intercom played again, saying that the President had died. Classes were let out after that.
Now, violence was still common during that time, but this was a first time that a shooting had happened on a national level. For days, the country was talking together, keeping the radio and television, in their grief of Kennedy's death.
When Lee Oswald had been captured and being held for trial, it was turbulent and confusing, with people constantly watching the news.
When Jack Ruby had shot Oswald as he walked to the court, people ran out of theitr homes, yelling

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