New York

By Gavin .
Grade 2, New York
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

I came from Puerto Rico. I loved it there but they didnĘt have enough money to afford food. Then in June 1927 we decided to come to America to get money. But the only way was to go by ship, so we did. My brother-in-law, Sixto, came to America in the start of 1925 for the same reasons as mine. He worked in the garment district.

I wanted to bring something special of mine, so I did. Those things were clothes and a razor and a shopping bag. I finally arrived in New York City.

After I arrived at New York I went through Ellis Island. I had to show them my birth certificate and explain my reasons for coming to America.

My first impression of America was of New York City. It was big and beautiful. The buildings were tall and there were so many people. I never saw so many cars. America had so much. So then I liked America.

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