North Carolina

By Brant B.
Grade 10, North Carolina

Born in 1928 in a small town on Lake Superior, my grandmother's childhood was themed by the Great Depression. Thunderbay's economy was largely based on the shipping industry, which all but shut down at the time. The major exports were timber, pelts, and fiddlehead-ferns, a rare fern found nowhere else in the world. Of course, the timber went to the building and crafting industry, which stuggled. The pelts were made into luxury clothes which were bought even less then normal during the Great Depression. Fiddlehead-ferns were a luxury topping in pompous restaurants in large cities such as New York and Chicago. In other words, the towns major exports become value-less as did those of other places during this time. Luckily, the Great Depression did not damage the natural resources of this area, and, as a result, my grandmother's major recreation was camping because it was so economical.

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