North Carolina

By Blake L.
Grade 10, North Carolina

In the summer of 2010, Joseph and Yolan Loewengruber celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. This is a big milestone to reach. The whole family gathered in Michigan to celebrate the occasion. Joseph and Yolan's children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, brothers and sisters were all there.
Their son, Joseph, and his family flew in from North Carolina, being the only one in the family that doesn't live in Michigan. On the day of the party, we all met up at church to attend the 5:30 service on Saturday to get their marriage blessed. After, the family drove to a popular restaurant in the area, Baldo's. They spent the first part of the evening eating and socializing with the rest of the family who had not been there for the church service. After, Gale, daughter of Joseph and Yolan, invited everyone back to their house for the remainder of the night. There, they revealed a special cake they had made for the occasion. The rest of the night consisted of socializing and playing Pictionary with the whole family.

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