North Carolina

By karl m.
Grade 10, North Carolina

Hurricane Katrina was a very devastating hurricane. It damaged a lot of cities in the south, in states like Louisiana and Mississippi.
Before landfall, we, along with the nation were worried about the outcome. there was tons of fear the the levis would break and water would flood the cities. Also, there was a possibility that the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico could be damaged. A disaster like the BP oil spill would not go over well with a powerful hurricane. Luckily, the oil rigs were perfectly fine, and there were no oil issues.
There were still a lot of problems down there. There was widespread flooding, and people were trapped in their houses. What made this even worse, is that the government did not respond quickly enough, so there was a shortage of food and supplies. This shortage forced some people to steal and fight to get the things that their family needed.
Our family donated money to charity and the hopes of providing something that would better the life of someone who was affected by this disaster.

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