North Carolina

By Sean R.
Grade 10, North Carolina

In one of the most populated cities in the United States a dramatic, forever changing event occured. It was an unexpected terrorist attack that changed all the lives in America one way or another.On Septemeber 11, 2001, in Manhattan NY, two American Airline planes hit the World Trade Center.Im lucky to have a family member who eye witnessed the attack, her name is Patricia Rudio. This interview will revolve around the chaotic, emotional, and heartpounding details of 9/11.
I got right into the story, and shortly after I got the answers I needed. With no hesitation I got the full story. It began on September 11 when my mother was cooking breakfast where she felt a little shake in the ground and sirens speeding down the street. Commotion erupts in the apartment and eventually she gets news to turn on the television. The news directly pops up and one of the two Trade Centers is on fire. She then explains how she ran to the window and saw in the distance a huge cloud of smoke. This was just the begining of a world wide tragedy.
The first plane to hit the Trade center started a rumor of a possible terrorist attack. About twenty minutes later they would soon discover the truth to that theory. People in the other tower, the tower that was not hit, were advised to stay in the building because it was safer. Thus, they did not evacuate, which would be soon a terrible mistake. A second plane hit the second tower and choas errupts everywhere. She explained the people running down streets bloody and screaming. In only about two hours later the Towers collapsed to the ground. My mother explained the extreme scilence in the bulding, no one believed their eyes. My mother and many of her friends lost many friends and family to this horrific tradegy.

About six Months after the attack a close friend to my mother was found at the bottom of the rubble of what used to be the World Trade Center. She explained how he must have been close to getting out of the building if he was found at the bottom of the rubble and body still intact. This was an emotional topic for her. This comes to show that people should not take life for granted, because anything can happen.

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