North Carolina

By Rachel V.
Grade 10, North Carolina

He was doing his usual thing.
Typing, taking calls, sending emails. When he woke up that morning it was just a normal day. He took me and my sister to school and went to work. Abotu mid-day, he received a call from our school. He assumed it was just me and my sister getting in trouble. He was told to come pick us up from school, when he asked why, the lady just told him to check the news, and hung up. He hit up WRAL and it was the top story, '2 Planes Crash Tnito the World Trade Center in New York'. He flipped through pictures and videos., then spoke to his employees, who had somehow been notified. Due to the chaos, he let them off for the rest of the day. He called my mom, and she was in tears, so he knew she knew. He took a 45 minute trip, which was usually a 10 minute trip, to get to the elementary school. Me and my sister were obviously confused, and we asked alot of questions. He answered them to the best of his ability and explained what happened to us. But he knew we were too young to understand. Our family spent the rest of the night watching the news and checking the internet, trying our best to be constantly updated on this attack they were calling '9/11'.

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