By Abigail Z.
Grade 8, Utah

Young adults all over America
today are always pressured into buying
expensive designer clothing that
distracts from the learning
environment! Having the convenience
of school uniforms will make the
education field more suitable.
I am a strong believer that
uniforms are the way to go! No more
waking up with the struggle of what to
wear, how to please other students by
how you look, and uniforms will help
create an uplifting, and stress free
learning environment.
Every morning teenagers wake up
with one question on their minds, what
should I wear today? These young
adults should not be worrying about
what their wearing and should be
thinking at a task at hand, like a test,
or an assignment that they did. No
more will a student be worrying about
what to wear with uniforms!
Students today are trying to fit in.
How is it that students immediately
judge a peer by the outlook
appearance, because thats the only
thing they see on a person. With
uniforms no judgements are made by
the outlook appearance because
everyone is wearing the same, sharp
school uniform.
School uniforms create a stress
free environment at school because no
one needs to worry about how good
their outfit looks, or if they look
decent compared to a classmate.

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