New York

By Andrew .
Grade 2, New York
Country of Origin: Mexico

I came from Mexico in 1988. I came to America because my brother had an accident and had to stay in the hospital for three months. My brother came here in 1984 because he wanted to learn about the United States.

In Mexico it was hard. The problem was that we were poor but we had enough money to survive. One day my father sold our car for $100 and bought a color TV with it. When he came home with it I told my father, ˘You sold our car and now we canĂt get around that easily.÷ My father said, ˘But now you have a TV.÷

About five or ten years later I went to America. My grandfather gave me his watch and I walked across the border. In America I tried to get a visa but it was impossible. Then I went to my brother. He worked at a restaurant. I asked him for a job there and I got it. I worked for a good deal of $130 a week. A few years later I became a citizen. IĂm still a citizen but now I work as a doorman in New York City.

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