By Matthew S.
Grade 3, Texas

Once there was a girl named Dortha C. She was born in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas on April 30,l924. She was 15 years old when WWII started in 1939. She traveled to different places with her husband, who was part of the Air Force. When her husband went to England, she worked at a factory that made bullets. Then, she went to Arkansas and worked on a farm with her mother. While she was there, she had a baby. When her husband came back from England, she traveled with him to different places again. Her day-to-day life was sad and rough. There was a shortage of EVERYTHING. She remembers hearing the war news on the radio most. Her saddest memory is when she heard her husband was wounded. Her happiest memory is when her husband came home from war. The war changed her life by making her a stronger person. Now she dislikes all wars.

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