By Cathy F.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Germany

Why do people immigrate?
People immigrate for many reasons. Most people come to America in search of more opportunities and a better life. People in Ireland came because of famine; people in Russia came because of programs. My immigrant came to America because she was invited by sponsors. She came to America in 1958 when she was 28 years old. America is called a Salad Bowl because it is made of different people who have immigrated.
What was their life in their old country?
For Josephine, it was after World War II, and it seemed like there were better opportunities in America than in Germany. Her special experience in Germany was when she was about to leave with her friend Mrs. Korthaus, she had a farewell party. She was excited to come to America.
What was their journey to America like?
It was easier for Josephine than most immigrants, because Ellis Island was already a museum. First, she learned about America, then she went through a thorough health check, then she got on the boat, and when she got off she was sworn in to become an American citizen. She had to leave her furniture, books, and records, but Josephine brought Hummel figurines and presents for the sponsors.
What were their first impressions of America?
Josephine had a few first impressions. When she first arrived, it felt overwhelming. She also saw the Empire State Building for the first time. Josephine likes America better because it is more spacious. When she first got here, she was treated very nicely. The people were friendly and helpful to her.
How did they assimilate, yet maintain what is important from their old country?
Josephine still has her figurines, and enjoys German food. She lives in an apartment next to another German lady named Ruth Kraussalt. Sometimes they speak to each other in German, and Ruth is very nice. But learning the English language was a little difficult. Josephine had to go to a special school to learn it. There is nothing Josephine dislikes about America. Josephine and everyone who lives in America come together and make a great Salad Bowl.

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