By Noah S.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Jamaica

For my immigration report I interviewed Mr. Sawyers, father or Alex, and Andrew Sawyers. Mr. Sawyers immigrated from Negril, Jamaica to the United States in August of 1992 at the age of eighteen. But before Mr. Sawyers came to the states, he had a pretty decent life in Negril, Jamaica. Since he lived by the beach, and near a lake and forests, almost every day he went hiking, biking, went to the beach, and went swimming. Man, I wish my life was that way!

Mr. Sawyers emigrated from Negril, Jamaica to the United States in August of 1992 at the age of eighteen to go to college at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, after earning an academic scholarship there. Mr. Sawyers had it a lot easier than most immigrants before him, because he came by plane. After arriving in Baltimore he traveled directly to his school, and almost immediately afterward he met new friends. Also, he tried many different new types of American foods.

Soon after starting college at Johns Hopkins, Mr. Sawyers applied to become a U.S. citizen. By the time that Mr. Sawyers was finished college, so was the process of becoming a U. S. citizen which was roughly four years later. Even though Mr. Sawyers likes almost everything about the U.S., there are also things that he dislikes. Some of the things that he does like is the culture and the fact that there is a lot of reward for hard work. Some of the things that he doesn’t like is people making excuses for things and also excuses for not working hard.

Mr. Sawyers has been living in the U.S. for some time now. Since he emigrated here from Jamaica he has become married and has had two children. Even though he moved to America, he still has kept his values from Jamaica and has applied them here as well. Also, there were a lot of invaluable experiences that he experienced in his old country. Overall, Mr. Sawyers had a great journey here and has had a lot of fun here in America, and is here to stay.

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