By Sony S.
Grade 4, Maryland
Country of Origin: Uganda

Dr. Arian is an immigrant from Uganda, a country in Africa. When he was a little boy in Uganda, a dictator named Idi Amin did not want Asians in his country. Dr. Arian, whose family was from India, had to get out of the country. They left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Many years later they returned to Uganda to start over. His dad worked to fix military vehicles. The military guarded his home to keep the local people from stealing from his home.

In 1982 there was a military coup that overthrew the government. Some of the locals told the incoming guerilla soldiers that Dr. Arainís house was a military barracks. 200 soldiers surrounded his house and opened fire with automatic weapons without any warning. Dr. Arain and his family hid in the bathroom for protection. Luckily Dr. Arainís uncle was able to convince the soldiers to stop shooting and let them out of the house. This made them leave Uganda for good, and they fled to Kenya.

In hope of a better future, Dr. Arian came to America. He was sad and scared to come to a strange country all by himself. A Baptist missionary that he had met in Kenya told him that Kentucky was the best state in the United States. When he arrived in Kentucky the members of the missionaryís church helped Dr, Arain settle in. After completing Medical School he moved to Maryland for his job.

When Dr. Arian got used to America, he felt great. He felt that now he would be free and could excel. He would get the luxuries of American life and the multiple choices in shopping. He liked the fresh air too, and finally being safe. He knew all about living in America because Uganda and Kenya had a British system. In this country, he would be safe to practice his religion.

Dr. Arian is still assimilating into America. He is learning how to play certain sports and learning about American holidays. Dr. Arian practices the Islamic religion. He prays every Friday at a mosque. Dr. Arian still speaks his Indian language, Punjabi and teaches it to his kids.

Dr. Arian has been through many hardships since he was a child. He was very lucky to make it to the United States. In order to stay in America, Dr. Arain had to work for a green card. The place he worked at, Maryland General Hospital, did not have enough doctors and he had to deal with low pay and long hours. Finally, Dr. Arian got his green card which meant he could stay in America and he could choose the place where he wanted to work in. He works in Franklin Square Hospital and in the same office as my mom. That is how I met Dr. Arian.

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