By Will H.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Chile

1. What was the reason you moved to
the United States and
where did you come from?

I came her from Chile to live in a
country with a democratic
government that gives all people their
freedom and rights.

2. Did any re relatives already live here
or did any move here
with you?

My sister came with me and still lives
with me in Brooklyn,
NY. I also have my Mother living with
me for the last 5
years after my father passed away in
Chile. I have 3 brothers
who live in Chile.

3. Did you make any sacrifices moving

Yes, I had a chance to be a radio
announcer in Chile but I
gave that up when I decided to stay in
the United States.
When I first came, I only had a one
year visa and I had to
decide if I wanted to stay or go back
home after that year.
4. Did you have any trouble learning to
speak English?

No, because I feel that English and
Spanish have the same
root words and I had a good education
in Chile and had
started to learn English there.

5. Do you ever regret moving to the
United States?

Sometimes I miss my home with its
beautiful beaches and
friends who still live in Chile, but I
donít regret moving here.

6. What job do you have here?

I am a house cleaner whereas in Chile I
would have been a
radio announcer and a journalist. I
have worked for the same
family for over 25 years and feel like a
part of their family.

7) Do you still feel like a Chilean
citizen or a citizen of the United

I think one always feels loyal to their
country and like a citizen
of their birth country, but I also feel
like a citizen of the United
States. I became a United States citizen
a few years ago after
living here several decades.

8) Do you have your own family here

Yes, I have a daughter and three
grandchildren who are all United
States citizens. I try to make sure they
know about Chile and also
speak Spanish.

9. Are there things about the United
States that you donít like?

Yes, there is a lot of pollution and in
New York where I live it is
crowded and there

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