By Jackie M.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Mexico

Would you go back to Mexico to stay?
No she would not.
How did you arrive?
She arrived by a plane.
How is life in Mexico different than Chattanooga?
There are 25,000,000 people, insane traffic, and there is more options anywhere in Mexico. She has only been to Chattanooga and Mexico so to her Chattanooga seems smaller then we think it is!!!!
What did you miss most?
She missed her family, traditions, and , well,..the food!!!!
What was one of your favorite things you brought?
She brought a Mexican flag so she would not forget her country.

Who did you go with?
She went all by herself!!!
How hard was it to get through the whole process of immigrating?
She said, It was a nightmare!- very horrible and hard.
When did you leave?
She left December 1996.
Are you happy you immigrated?
She is glad.
How is Chattanooga the same as Mexico?
No way!

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