By Alec C.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Mexico

Was it hard to get use to speaking English?
It was hard but I learned from some Mexicans that spoke English but when I came to America the accents were so different it was hard to understand.
Which do you like better Mexico or the U.S?
Well my family lives in Mexico City but I like them both.
What did you leave behind?
I left my family friends and all of my child photos.
Do you still celebrate old traditions from Mexico?
Yes I do all of them.
What is your favorite memory from Mexico?
My favorite by far was Christmas in Mexico.
What was the hardest thing to leave behind?
My family was the hardest thing.
How was life in Mexico?
It was fun .i was a teacher and liked that. Also there were so many beautiful places. I got to spend allot of time with my family.
What city did you live in in Mexico?
I lived in Mexico City and was born and raised there.
How many siblings did you have and do any live in the United States?
I had 3 brothers and 4 sisters and they still live in Mexico.
Would you go back?
No I want my kids to live in the united states.

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