By Timothy C.
Grade 4, Tennessee
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Timothy:Where did you come from?
Ambreen:I came from Pakistan.
Timothy:Why did you leave?
Ambreen:I was just married and I moved with my husband for him to have higher studies and for our family to be prosperous.
Timothy:How long have you lived in America?
Ambreen:About seventeen years.
Timothy:What was the biggest challenge you faced?
Ambreen:My biggest challenge that I have faced was loneliness at first. It was too expensive at the time to call my parents. I had to wait for their phone call once a month.
Timothy:Are you glad you came to America?
Ambreen:Yes, I am very thankful for the opportunities for my family.
Timothy: Was it hard coming into the U.S.?
Ambreen: No
Timothy: Did you like it in Pakistan?
Ambreen: Yes, I liked having my friends and family close by.
Timothy: Do you like it here in America?
Ambreen: Yes, I have learned no matter where you live you must be thankful for everything.
Timothy: Does some of your family live here in the the U.S.?
Ambreen: Yes, My parents and my husbands parents.
Timothy: Do you still miss your friends?
Ambreen: Yes, but it is more affordable to talk on the phone with them.
Timothy: Do you have any words of wisdom you would like to share?
Ambreen: No matter where you live you need to connect with people. You will face challenges but you need to be thankful for everything and it will all work out.

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