By Danny T.
Grade 10, Virginia
Country of Origin: Peru

Culture shock happens when you come to a new country. There are four stages. The first one is the honey moon stage, is when you are in love with everything new. The second one is the crisis stage, it happens when you are frustrated, mad or unhappy. The third stage is the adjustment stage is when you adapt to your new culture. Lastly is the acceptance stage. This stage happens when accept the culture. The crisis stage happened to me when I first came to the United States.

When I came to the United States. I didnít like this place. It was too quit, not like in my country Peru; the cars were crazy when they beep. I hated the food, especially the vegetables I didnít like them, and they tasted so spoiled. The pizza tasted different. I couldnít find any favorite food called Ceviche, also I wasnít able to find my favorite fruit called the Chirimoya. I was frustrated; I wanted to go back to my country. I was angry, my friends werenít with me. That time I had to worst summer. I was in very much in the crisis stage.

Finally, now I am in the acceptance stage I changed a lot now I like vegetables such as Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and broccoli. And I like pizza. Also I like this culture. Now I donít want to go back to my old country. I love this culture.

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