By Esmeralda s.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: Mexico

Culture shocks are the difficulties that people have adjusting to a new and different culture. There are four stages of culture shock. The honeymoon, is when everything is exciting and new. Then the Crisis stage is when you are angry or depressed. After that the Adjustment stage is when you recognize good and bad parts of a new culture. The last stage is the Acceptance stage is when you finally accept and enjoy new culture. I was in the honeymoon, when I came to U.S. I was so happy, because all my Family came here, and because my cousins, uncles and aunts invited us to different parts, so I didnít miss my country so much; at that time. Everything was exciting and new, however those things were nothing. One thing I couldnít stand most was the climate.
The climate made me crazy. When I came here I was happy but at the same time frustrated. I was frustrated because, I couldnít go outside just because it was snowing or cold, however, the snow looks beautiful and it was so fun to make snowman. I was surprised when I saw a lot of snow outside. The neighborhood was full of snow, nobody can drive their cars. There were stuck in their parking spots. I havenít seen in my whole life a lot of snow. The snow looks soft and smooth. I think Americans like it because they have their whole life living here, so they adapted to different climate then us. The climate is a big change for us, because in our country itís not that cold.
Now I am in different stage, Iím in Acceptance stage, finally I accept this culture. I know it that it was not easy when I came here but believe or not I do have better opportunities. It was hard time but now Iím so happy and generally, I feel comfortable. One thing that I learned was that when I came here I was in the honeymoon. After months I knew it that I have to stay here but I accept this beautiful life that my parents bring me. And I also learn that always will be hard and happiest moments in my life.

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