By soko s.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: Cote dIvore

First of all, Culture shock is the difficulties you have when you move from your home to different country. They have four stages of culture shock. The first one is the honeymoon when you like everything about the place. The next stage is crisis, when you hate all. The third stage, adjustment, is when you like some parts and hate some of it. Acceptance stage is the last stage, when you finally enjoy the new culture and you love everything about it.
When I first came here I was in the crisis stage for four weeks because of the school system. I had a hard time getting use to it, I was always angry going to school because I didnít like anything about it. I wouldnít even speak to people around me. They were like animals to me because they were different and I could understand them. The one thing that confused me the most was walking around the campus looking for my classes. I had seven classes per day. I always used to get lost and was last to my class. I had problem with understanding the teachers I felt stupid in class always asking for help and that I canít understand.
To sum up, a few months later I started to get used to the system. I was now looking at the great part of being here. Now I have lived here for five years. I think the reason the Americans enjoy their school system is because is part of their culture. They grew up with it. Now I feel like is great idea to have seven different classes per day because you wonít feel bored and you have time between classes to talk to friends. I finally enjoy the school system.

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