By aby m.
Grade 9, Texas
Country of Origin: Italy

A culture shock is the difficulties people have adjusting to a new and different culture. There are four culture shock steps: honeymoon stage, crisis stage, adjustment stage and acceptance stage. I am having my culture shock right now!! I came to America in August. When I first came I loved everything about the United States. I was in my honeymoon stage!!!
The honeymoon stage is the stage that I think everybody has. Usually it is the first stage when you go to another country and you love everything about it. I liked everything, the big houses, and the fast foods that you can find everywhere, the high skyscraper in the cities. Now I passed this stage, I mean I still like the United States, but I am not amazed anymore. I never went to the crisis stage that usually comes after the honeymoon stage. The crisis stage is when you feel homesick and want to go back in your country.
Even if sometimes when I am alone with my thoughts I think about Italy and my home where I grew up, I ask to myself how would be if I stayed in Italy? But I never had a real crisis period.
There is another stage that I skipped, the adjustment stage. The adjustment stage is when you begin to function in the new culture and recognize good and bad parts of new culture. Even if you still think your culture is better and you still fell like an outsider. Now I am in the acceptance stage, is when finally you enjoy the new culture and you feel comfortable.
I have friends and I know more about the country. Presently I am going to school; I go out with my friends or with my family. Everything is going fine!!Everyone experiences culture shock differently, for example I skipped two stages.

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