By Hector M.
Grade 12, Virginia
Country of Origin: El Salvador

Culture Shock is stage of emotions that somebody feels when they first come to a new culture. Culture shock has four stages. The first stage is the Honeymoon is when everything is new and exciting; other stage is Crisis/Hostility or Rejection that means youíre angry, frustrated, lonely, depressed, and aggressive toward new culture. Also there is one stage called adjustment that is begin to function in new culture and the last stage is acceptance this means finally accept/ enjoy new cultures. I am in the adjustment stage now. One of the most difficult aspects of American culture I had accepting was American Football.
The American Football, make me feel angry when I watch it. I know American people it is a tradition, but I have never had been ok with this. The game is rude and barbaric because people hit each other. If we watch it clearly from a determinate point, we can see that they hit each other with hate. It makes me feel the hurt of the players that after time it will cause many health problems on their body. It looks like animals game because is a heavy way to kick a ball.
I think that I will never change my thinking about it. I know that American people donít think the same way that I do. I think that the effect on my life that American Football had many people have it think too like me. The American game is the most shocking game in the entire world. I wonít ever do this on my life.

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