By Ivette C.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: El Salvador

There are four stages of culture shock. The Honeymoon when everything is exiting and new. The next stage is Crisis/hostility/rejection when you are angry, frustrated and lonely. The third stage is the adjustment stage when everything is to function in new culture. The last stage is the acceptance stage when you finally accept/enjoy and new culture. When I came to the United States, I was in the crisis stage.
One week after I came to the United State I felt really lonely, sad and depressed. I always was in my bedroom; I didnít want to go out with my daddy and siblings. I was always locked in my room crying because I missed my family and friends. It was a very difficult time that I had to pass; but after two months I was in the adjustment stage. I began to recognize good and bad parts of a new culture.
Now I feel so comfortable because I found very good friends and I understand the language. I thought that I would never find the happiness; but my life changed. But I always think a lot about my family. I still miss them very much. Being away from people that you love is the worst thing. But it is never too late to make things that you want to do; someday Iíll be with them and Iíll be even happier.

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