By francis G.
Grade 9, Virginia
Country of Origin: Honduras

Culture shock is the difficulties people have adjusting to a new and different culture .First the honeymoon stage is the time when you are happy and love everything .Second Crisis stage is when you’re angry. Next Adjustment stage is when you still feeling like an outsider. Lastly acceptance stage is when you enjoy new culture. I was in crisis stage when I came to the United State.
I didn’t like Americans people because I couldn’t speak English. When American people were talking to me I couldn’t understand what they were telling me. I remember when I was in lunch and in the hallway everybody was looking at me just because I couldn’t speak English. But luckily I used to have a friend and they helped me at lunch and in the hallway. In my brain I always think I have to learn English to understand what people are saying or talking about.
Now I am in acceptance stage because I know English and I understand what people are saying or telling me. When I came here I didn’t like American people , but now that I know English I like those people I really understand when they talk to me .I answered what they ask me. For example, they ask me,” what your name “and”where you from” and now I can I answer,” My name is Francis,” and “I am from Honduras”.
I learned that it is important to speak English because whatever you go you need to speak English and understand everything.

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