By Sahir F.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Culture shock is when you adjust to a new and different culture. There are four stages of culture shock. Honeymoon stage is the first stage and feels you like when you go on a vacation and you think everything is perfect. The next stage is crises stage, when you feel angry, lonely, out of place, like you donít belong. Adjustment stage is when you still think your culture is better. The final stage is acceptance stage, when you like or enjoy new culture.
I was in the honeymoon stage when I first came to the United States. I came here in 2009. I liked everything here, like Washington dc and New York. I went to New York to my aunt and uncleís home. I enjoyed in New York with my cousins. We saw the Brooklyn Bridge.
I was in crises stage when I came to school for first time because I donít know how to speak English. If I want to eat something or to talk to somebody I take help of my friend. She is not in ESOL. She takes regular classes. She knows how to speak English. She helps me lot. I am learning how to speak English.
Now I am in adjustment stage. I like to come to school and speak English. I am still in the same stage. My English is better now. I think N.Y.C is one of the most amazing places I saw in my life. I felt that I am lucky that I am here.

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