By Jacqueline A.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: El Salvador

When I came here in December of 2009, I was very happy I wasnít in the crisis stage. I remember when I had to travel in an airplane to be here. Then, yes I was in a little crisis because it was the first time that I had to travel from Central America through the North America, and I was nervous for it.

I remember that I was excited to enter school. My first days at school were amazing. I got many friends and my teachers were really nice with me. However I knew nothing about English, but my friends helped me. My friends have explained me every single subject from the class and asked me if I could understand.

I was in a new life with a new culture. Wherever you go if itís a new country you have to learn about the culture from the country. Itís important to follow the rulers from each country you go and respect. I think that the firstís days itís a little difficult to accept the culture, but you could adapt.

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