By yang b.
Grade 11, Virginia

Culture shock is when people come to
a new country and they feel really
uncomfortable with everything around
them. There are four stages of the
culture chocks.

First stage is called Honey moon: when
people just come to a new country
they love everything about this new
country, and they are happy they came
to this country.

The second stage is called Withdrawal:
people start feel they hate this new
country. They feel they miss their own
country and they start hate Americans
and they also feel depression.

The next stage is called Adjustment:
People start understand the language
and they start talk to people. They
start lone going out and also like go
out with their American friends.

The last stage is called: Enthusiasm:
They feel like they are at home, can
feel comfortable staying in this new
A culture shock story

Five years ago I moved back from
China. After I came back I thought
everything around was so perfect, but
two weeks later I started to hate
everything. The language, the school
and people. But I was very lucky I can
eat the Chinese food whatever I want.
Because I have a family restaurant, and
it makes real Chinese foods. The first
two years were really hard for me, but
after that everything started getting
better and better, and I start to talk to
people, and I got my Driverí»s License
and my first car. And my Parents
bought a new house and other
restaurant, and one day I met my
boyfriend, six months later we got our
own apartment. I thinkI was really
lucky. Ia move back back and I having
a wonderful life.

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