By Muhammad A.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: Pakistan

Culture shock means, the difficulties people have adjusting to a new and different culture. There are four stages of culture shock. First is the Honeymoon stage in which everything is exciting and new. Next is the Crisis\Rejection stage in which you feel angry, frustrated, lonely, depressed, and aggressive toward new culture. Third is the Adjustment stage begins to function in new culture and recognize good and bad parts of new culture. Finally is the Acceptance stage in which you generally feel comfortable and finally accept\ enjoy new culture. I am in adjustment stage. There are four stages of culture shock and everyone goes these stages, just like me.
I am in adjustment stage. One year ago, when I came here, I was very shocked about girlís dresses. In my country girls cover their bodies. They canít show their arms and legs. They canít wear short clothes and they must cover their face properly. They cannot walk and talk with boys, because this is my religion. Here in United States girls donít cover their bodies and face. They show their arms and legs and wear short clothes. They talk and walk with boys. They come to school in fashionable dress and leave their hair open and wear high-heeled shoes.
I like everything about the U.S. culture, such as food, season, and games. However, I still do not like girlís dress which shocked me when I saw first time. Today, I am in adjustment stage and I feel happy.

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