By Gabriela R.
Grade 9, Virginia

Culture Shock

Culture Shock is the difficulties people have adjusting to a new and different culture. We have Four Stages of Culture Shock Honeymoon Stage, Crisis/Hostility/Rejection Stage, Adjustment Stage, and Acceptance Stage.
I was in Crisis Stage, because when I first came to the U.S I didnít know the language, and I didnít have any friends. I felt really bad because the only people I could talk with were my mom and my siblings. Whenever the people were talking in English I couldnít understand what they were saying.
The worst thing was when I was at the grocery store it was really weird because they didnít have the things that I liked. For example, there was just American food and Mexican, I hated so much, because it didnít taste like my food back in El Salvador, but I didnít have another choice just to get use to it.
One year later I got use to America and the American culture. I think the American culture is cool, but I think my culture still better, so now Iím in the adjustment Stage and I feel great, sometimes I think that this country has a lot of opportunities and one day you could be someone important, you just have to appreciate the years youíre in school, and now that Iím on high school Iím trying to get an advanced diploma and go to college

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