By olga s.
Grade 9, Virginia
Country of Origin: El Salvador

Be scared is when youíre nervous to do something. When I came to the United States I felt that way because I didnít know my mom, the language and the people were
I am going to TELL YOU the first REASON WHY I WAS SCARED WHEN I CAME TO United States. I was scared because I did not know my mom because she left me when I was 1 year old. I was in El Salvador with my grandparents, and my daddy and cousin. I came here when I was ten years old, AND now Iím sixteen. I have lived with my mom for six years.
I was really scared to go to school when I came to United States because I didn't know anybody for school. My first day when I going to school I thought it was going to be the same as my school in my country...But no same is a lot different for my country. First when I came to the United States I thought that they used uniforms because in my country we have to use uniforms.
The last reason why I was scared when I came to the United States I was Scares of the black people because I had never see people like that. I thought in United States was only Spanish people and white people. I never thought it was made up of black people too.
I think that this country has a lot of opportunities and one day you could be something important you just have to appreciate the time youíre in school. Now that Iím on high school Iím trying to get advanced diploma and go to college so I came be someone in the future so I came help my
family. And I know that I can do that I going to try my best. This is why I was scared the first time I came to United States.

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