By yamileth p.
Grade 9, Virginia
Country of Origin: United States

I lived in El Salvador for 11 years, and then I come to U.S.A. It was boring in U.S.A because my parents work every day. They doníŽt have too much time for us.
When I got to school the first day it was kind of ok because I made friends they were nice to me .They helped me to make my homework .But in a month I start to get bored because. I doníŽt like to go to school the end of The year I graduated of elementary 5 grade than .I start middle school The school it was called George Washington middle school Well the first day it was great I loved all my teachers. I make new friends and they were nice with me we spent time together every day. Sometimes they go to the park to spend time. With my friends I go with my brother Herbert. And then I and my family moved and I went to Carl sand burg the first day it was bad because everybody Was stranger for me because I didníŽt know anybody and then. I make a friend she was nice with me. Than the last year I finish middle school .I come to West Potomac high school. Some of the teachers are nice. I like this school because I have a lot of friend. I Have 4 years living here but I am still missing EL SALVADOR. Part of my life is there. I always try my best in School. Now my mom lives in Maryland and I go every weekend. To spend time with her and my two brothers .I love my life like always I do the same thing. Everyday come to school is boring but went you see your friends it makes it fun. Some of my classes are fun. Like Ms. Brown class I have so fun with Gabby, and Francis. â║
But it is fun! I love my life!

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