By ochoa J.
Grade 11, Virginia
Country of Origin: United States

The difficulties people have adapting to a new and different culture.
The first stage is honeymoon stage in which everything is exciting .The next stage is crisis and rejection stage in which you feel angry frustrate lonely, depressed and aggressive. The third is the adjustment stage, and the final stage is the acceptance stage in which you generally feel comfortable. I felt I was left out or different because I didnít know anybody when I came to United States. I never went out of my house but I still miss my family and friends. I donít know how to speak English but right now I can almost speak it because I am a former student at West Potomac High School which is a great school. I hate coming to school every morning and I donít like feeling the cold weather. Because I was used to the worm weather in El Salvador, and coming here was a surprise for me because I dint know that there were places like the U.S.A. I only thought that the North Pole or Antarctica were the only places where it snow.
As a result, I think that there are many difficulties when trying to adapt to a new culture, which are honeymoon stage, crisis and rejection, adjustment stage, the final stage and acceptance stage. Have you ever tried to adapt to a new culture? Why or Why not? Iíll tell you from my own experience that is hard because Iím a Salvadorian guy and Iíd tried to adapt to the U.S. culture but itís been so hard for me because I donít know the language.

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