New York

By Sarah F.
Grade 5, New York
Country of Origin: Poland

Clara Schieber was born in Warsaw, Poland, in the year 1902. When she was eight her family decided to immigrate to America to get out of the rural area they were living in. In other words, for a better life.

So in 1910, Clara and her family sailed out of Europe to the United States. Clara's family consisted of her mother, her father, her older brother Abe and her baby sister Hilda.

When Clara arrived in America, she went through Ellis Island. Her family was lucky because they could only speak Yiddish and Polish and there were only a few inspectors there that day that could speak Yiddish.

After leaving Ellis Island, Clara went on to live on the Lower East Side of New York City in a tenement building. Her brother soon died in WW I and Clara went on to marry Isidor Leo Feld years later.

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