By yuri M.
Grade 10, Virginia
Country of Origin: Honduras

First of all, culture shock is the difficulties you have when you move from your home to different country. They have four stages of culture shock. The first one is the honeymoon when you like everything about the place. The next stage is crisis, when you hate all. The third stage, adjustment, is when you like some parts and hate some of it acceptance stage is the last stage, when you finally enjoy the new culture and you love everything about it.
When I came to the U.S. I was in the honeymoon stage. Because when for the first time I was in Chicago I liked everything .it was summer and we went to the beach was really happy because everything was different because in my country Honduras, we donít have really places like here. My family past me to the restaurant and for the first time I ate chicken slide for all my life was really excited to see a bough of different people walking around the street. I really like it better here because we have more opportunities it is a beautiful place to live. When I came to the USA everything changed, my life was different. I am now in the Adjustment stage, because I really want to stay here for all my life.USA is one place that when everybody came to here, is for something that you want to do I want to do something for my future and now am here for do my goals

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