By Martin S.
Grade 4, Minnesota

wen i was in Nigeria i had alot of fun there i will give you five reason why it was fun. 1 We have mango trees. 2 when it's raining i bath outside with clothes on, with with my brother me and my friends. 3 i get to swim in a river. 4 My brother, and sister and me go to my grandma, and grandpa's house. 5 We go to alot of places. Then my dad moved. because there's no job to do so he moved to Minnesota to find a job to help us find us a better school. Then find us a apartment. So he lived in the 2 floor.
So we came to Minnesota with a plane, then we met my dad. Then my dad and mom got us toys and other things. Then we moved to n1 floor. Then my dad found us schools, then we went to Brimhall. Then i went to first grade i was six years old. Then wen i came to school i told my dad not to live because i thought my first grade teacher was a monster. I knew English back then. That was my first day of school.Then my second day I got used to Brimhall. Then I went to ELL and Title One and the school lunch tasted delicious. It was good I wanted more but I couldn't. Then I made a lot of friends.

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