New York

By Abigail D.
Grade 4, New York
Country of Origin: Puerto Rico

The person I interviewed was my mom. Her name is Nancy DeMonte. I interviewed her because I thought she was interesting.
The state my mom lived in before she went to America was Puerto Rico. She came to America in 1973. My mom had to learn English when she came to America. She took ESL in school. My mom was glad they came to America because the teachers in Puerto Rico werent that nice. Some of her family still lives in Puerto Rico, such as her grandparents. My mom speaks Spanish, but she speaks English better. My mom loves Puerto Rico, but she would probaly have to go with liking America better. My moms name means the same thing in both English and Spanish but it's spelled differently. I thinks it's because of the language. To tell the truth,my mom made better friends in America than in Puerto Rico. My mom came in an air plane. The purpose that my mom came to America was because her father wanted a better job. Much of her family came before her. I think my moms life is very interesting. I hope you do too!

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