By Leslie C.
Grade 7, Pennsylvania

Our soldiers invading France and the Germans shooting down at us, was a vivid memory of my grandmother. Obviously this wasnÆt her favorite memory. Her favorite memory was when our soldiers came home. But they werenÆt the only ones working in the war. My grandmotherÆs family was probably one of the luckiest. Living on a farm during World War II, gave them many advantages. First of all they got more rationed items like gasoline for the farm equipment. It was also an advantage because they could grow most of their food. However, sugar and butter were hard to come by since they baked all of the time. Her family was very fortunate, especially her brother. Since he was a farmer he wouldnÆt have to fight in the war. For as bad as the war was many peopleÆs attitudes changed in a good way and appreciated what they had. During the war, my grandmother worked as a nurseÆs aide. She thoroughly enjoyed this job and said that it was a great learning experience. Not only was my grandmotherÆs family fortunate with less sacrifices they were also fortunate for no losses. And all of these jobs and sacrifices were well worth it when our soldiers came home.

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