New York

By Melissa B.
Grade 4, New York
Country of Origin: Turkey

My mom has a friend who's name is Nevin Bakir. She comes from Istanbul, Turkey. Nevin was born in 1974 in Turkey. Her parent's names are Ramazar (her dad) and Yazar (her mom). She has two older sisters and a brother. Their names are Necmi (her brother), Mualla and Yasar (her two sisters). Nevin was married in 1998 in Tukey to her husband, Senol Bakir. What was the name of your high school? Ataturk. How do you count up to ten in Turkish? 1.Bir 2.iki 4.Dont 5.Bes 6.Altl 7.Yedi 8.Setiz 9.Dokuz 10.On. Did you go to College? Yes, when I came to America in 2001. Nevin Bakir has one child that is a girl named Iclal. Iclal was born at Stony Brook Hospital in 2002. Iclal is a second grader at Waverly Avenue School. Name three foods from Turkey? 1. Gyro, 2. Mediterranean Kebaqb,and 3. Turkish meatball. The name of Senol and Nevin Bakir's business is called Begonia Marketing and Advertising. Holidays that are celebrated in Turkey are: Ramazan, Children's Day April 23rd since 1923 and Kurban is Teenager Day celebrated on May 19th. How do you say hello in Turkish? Merhaba. How do you say good-bye in Turkish? Hoscakal,Bye without the e. What is your favorite color? Red-mavi. Nevin Bakir really likes America, but really misses her family, relatives, and friends from back home in Turkey. She has made a lot of new friends here in America, including my mom.

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