New York

By Jacob B.
Grade 4, New York
Country of Origin: Italy

John Fusaro came from San Sosti,Itay.He immigrated to Phlilidelphia in 1907.He was 9 years old when he immigrated to Philidelphia. He was born in 1898.He came with his Mom and his Sister. His Dad died in Brazil when he was a baby.They came to Germantown,Phlilidelphia and lived there.They immigrated there because they were so poor they had to make some kind of move.His Aunt and his Uncle were already in Germantown.He started working when he was 14 years old in a spinning mill.Then he started working in a Police department in 1919 and he retired in 1952.He was happy to come to the United States because they were so poor his mom only got paid 6 cents a day bringing lumber back down from the mountains it was a tough way for them to live.

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