By Justin D.
Grade 5, Pennsylvania

Summer vacation is here and this is what i would like to do. Mom and Dad, can you please help me out.

My first wish is to go to New York City, which would be a great historical experience. We should visit the Statue of Liberty, which came to us from France, and it is a symbol of freedom.
Then we could drive to Yankee Stadium, which would be a cool learning experience, because great players like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig played there. Maybe we can even see a great game.

Six Flags Adventure is a great place for family fun. There are a lot of amusments., water parks, and most of all the largest roller coaster. And Mom, you love to ride roller coasters, so you would really be happy.

This might be impossible, but maybe we can hope to visit the Holy Land in Jerusalem. We could visit the places that Jesus traveled, and see where he lived and died. What a holy experience this would be, but I know we can't do it this year, but maybe next year.

So Mom and Dad, even if we could do two of these special things, it would really teach me many lessons. Thank you for listening. Please, Please, Please!!

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