North Carolina

By Hlen R.
Grade 12, North Carolina
Country of Origin: Vietnam

My name is Hlen. I moved from Vietnam to the United States, on November 9, 2007.I came to the United States, because my dad was here first, he came here, because he had a difficult life. It started in 2001 when my dad and all his friends wanted to work for the church as pastors for freedom for my country. But the government didnít let my dad and his friends work for that. After a few days they phoned my dad to come to their office. That meant they wanted my dad go to the jail. My dad knew thatís what would happen then he a fugitives from my country and went to the other country to hide from the government The government everywhere to searched for my dad, he had no religion but come to the United States .

My family came to the United States because my dad didnít have any religion to being a freedom person for church and we also want to know more about American culture, like what it looked and many people live in the United States and difference people from the other country came here itís looked really nice. it seen like all of the country came here to immigration.

Life in the United States is freedom. Nobody controls your life, and you can go to church whenever you want to go. Also, I had seen lots differences between church in the United State or religion. In the United States they have different religions: Christian, Buddhist, ect. Now my dad is free to go to church and do things in the church. No one will stop him.
My dad brought my family to the United States he really wanted my sister, my brother and me to have a good life. He wanted me to learn English or different languages that they teach in school, and to learn news things about American history. In my country I had to buy a lot of textbooks, notebooks, and other supplies that you need for school, but in school here, textbooks are free except in college. Itís nice that they let you use textbooks in middle, elementary and high school.
It took three days, from Vietnam to the United States, but it was worth it .My dad had a difficult life when he lived in Vietnam, because the Vietnamese government didnít let him to work free for the church. Itís lucky for him that he came from Vietnam to the United States, so he can have more opportunities and get a better life for my family. Iím very happy that my family lives in the United States now. American is awesome.

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