North Carolina

By Cing L.
Grade 12, North Carolina
Country of Origin: Myanmar

Hi, my name is Lun. I am from Myanmar. The reason we immigrated to the United States is because in Burma we didnít get enough food and money. Everything was very expensive in Burma.
In Burma schools are not free to the students. People are treated differently based on their religions. The Christians especially are being oppressed. We couldnít get opportunities and good jobs, because of our religion.
In the year 2007, my family and I arrived in a refugee camp located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
We experienced many obstacles on the way, and some of them are unforgettable.
Our journey took about four weeks to get to Malaysia. There we also faced many problems.
In Malaysia we couldnít go anywhere because there the police were looking for refugee people. If the police found us, we could get arrested and we would to pay a lot of money to the police.
In the year 2009, my family and I arrived in the United States. We were very glad to get here because the government supports us with money and food for my family. The government gave us a chance to attend schools for free. We now have opportunity and freedom and rights. Everything is different here.
My family and I are so thankful and grateful to the people who gave us a chance to live our lives in the United States.

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