North Carolina

By Tri N.
Grade 12, North Carolina
Country of Origin: United States

Hi, my name is Tri. Iím from Vietnam. My family came to America because we wanted to have a better life for our family. We could travel to another country and we could learn new languages in America.
The day we came to America, I had a hard time in the airplane with the different food. I drank water and ate a little bit of food so I didnít have to worry about my stomach and the nerves of waiting to come to America.
The best reason we came to America is because my country is poor. It is hard to find a good job and a lot people are fighting and killing others that is why we came to America. We can find out new things, learn another culture and study in school. Also, I can meet new friends. It can be fun when I talk to them and I can study with them. It makes me feel better that I live in new country.
I will always remember the first day I come to school alone. I was nervous because I didnít speak English or understand it. When I came to my class, the teacher and other students wanted to ask me questions, but I just keep quiet and I felt shy then the bell ringing I went to my ESL class. I met some Vietnamese. That made me feels happy and not alone anymore. We talked to each other and had fun. We worked together in ESL class. Day after day I felt better in school and at home.
I will study more so I can work well I can find a good job when I finish college. I will do anything to take care of my family. America is a good place. We can make a better life here, but we have to work really hard so we can be successful. I will go back to my country when I am successful so I can do something to help my people in my country have a better life like our family.

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