By Desiree P.
Grade 8, California
Country of Origin: China

October 26, 2011

I interviewed my mom, Pauline,
who is an immigrant from China. She
has lived in the United States for
twenty-two years so far.

When and how old were you when you
came to America?
I was thirty years old and it was 1990

Was it hard for you to get into the
Yes, because it was very difficult to
get a VISA to come to the United
States. Also, many people were
rejected that time. One out of ten
people would be denied to come to
the United States.

How did you feel when you first came
America was very different from China.
I was very excited and anxious
because I didnít know what was going
to happen next.

How did you prepare yourself to come
to America?
I didnít really prepare much because I
knew a friend who lived in San
Francisco and she helped me out a lot.
I was hoping that I will have a new
beginning here.

Did you speak English?
Yes, I spoke fluent English when I
came, since I learned it in college back
in China.

Why did you come to America?
I was curious about this country
because China was not open to the
rest of the world and for better

Were you willing to change your
Yes, I was willing to change my
citizenship because I have more
freedom here.

Do you ever regret leaving China?
No, because I have a great life here in
America. Here, you have more

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