By Chyler M.
Grade 5, Arizona

Barak Obama should not shut down NASA because pieces of satellite were falling out of the sky and it could have injured someone. People on earth need to know whatís in space. NASA needs more space missions to see whatís happening on the other planets. The government needs to give NASA more money for missions, rockets and space shuttles. In fact, NASA has a satellite in space to see monitor space junk.
If Barak Obama shuts down NASA, we will never know whatís coming from space. A bunch of stuff is floating around earth and how would we know if that stuff comes down to earth. Meteors can come from space and we wouldnít know when it would come without NASA. People are talking about the end of the world and we need to know if there is something in space coming for us. On the other hand, Barak Obama has been donating money to NASA for new space missions.
NASA should have more space missions so astronauts can do their job. Astronautís careers are important because they can find new planets. NASA hasnít had a space operation forever and astronauts have been waiting to learn something new about what is in the atmosphere. If NASA has more duties than we will get more updates on what is happening in outer space. However, the government spent 18 billion dollars in 2010.
The government should give NASA money so they could go on more space missions and see what is up in space. This year the government only paid 9 billion dollars and thatís not that much for NASA. The government should pay more money for space operations, space ships and rockets. If the government spends more money for space missions then we will know more about whatís in space. In conclusion, I hope all these facts changed your mind about NASA.
Barak Obama should send space shuttles up to space so people wonít get hurt by pieces of a satellite falling to the ground. If NASA shuts down because of Barak Obama then we will never know what will come from outer space. If NASA has more space missions, astronauts can do their job. If the government gives more money to NASA, then we will most likely have more space missions and astronauts will see what is up in space. Now itís time for people to tell Barak Obama to open NASA back up.

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