By Daniel M.
Grade 7, Minnesota
Country of Origin: India

The name of the immigrant I
interviewed was Aamani Gundu.
The immigrant I reviewed was
from India. She told me all of
the stuff that I am about to
write. Her family moved here
because of her dads’ job. They
moved to Minnesota in June
2004 when she was in 8th grade
and have lived here since. Her
religion is Hinduism and she
can speak four languages:
Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and
English. The clothes you would
wear are saris. There are also
about 10000 gods. She
believes in Ganesh, the
elephant god (It is supposed
to symbolize good education
and success in life).
She once went to India in the
10th grade and at the airport
they pulled her out of the
line because she has a
different skin color, so they
thought she was a terrorist.
They checked all of her stuff
which took 45 minutes so she
missed her flight.
There are 2 different types of
festivals that she still
celebrates: Diwali and the
harvest festival. Diwali is
the festival of lights (power
of good over evil). They dress
up in new clothes and set off
fireworks. The festival is 10
days. The harvest festival is
just like our Thanksgiving.
She has left behind a lot of
things in India, like friends,
family, and her hometown. Some
of the things she brought with
her are culture. She’s happy
to have a new life and new
I had asked her if she would
ever want to live in India
again and she told me she
would not want to because it’s
too hot and the school is hard
because there are lots of
exams from 9th to 12th grade.
I also asked her what the kids
are like. She told me they
start kindergarten when
they’re 3. The schools have
lectures, but not labs (they
have to memorize theory and
not test them). The kids speak
3 languages usually. Some
games they typically play are
field hockey, cricket, ping
pong, basketball, and some
football and soccer.

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